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Check out that guest list!


Check out that guest list!

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Watch This Dad Tell His Ecstatic Sons He Won The Lottery In Crazy, Climactic Way

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Brunettes Shoot Blondes - Knock Knock (Official Video) - Music Video on 14 Screens



For all you story lovers out there I’ll be posting the comic plus the original dialogue between Doc & Julius. There’s not that big of a difference but there are some slight changes within the story. 

**By the way I did not mean Ringwald I really meant Remswald so no it is not a typo -_-

Page 1:

Julius: Hello Doctor.

Doc: Hello Julius. I want to talk to you today about the murder of Molly Remswald.

Page 2:

Julius: I…I don’t want to talk about Molly.

Doc: I want to help you get through this Julius.

Julius: I’m aware. Why else would we be here, to have a drink as friends? Julius giggles.

Doc: You can consider me a friend.

Julius: No doctor. I don’t have friends. I can’t trust anyone. No one’s to be trusted. I’m quite satisfied with the relationship we’ve built so far. Stay back.

Doc: Have I failed you this far Julius?

Julius: No. You’ve been trusted. The doctor can be trusted. You can be trusted. You can come in.

Doc: That’s right Julius. Let me in. Let me help you. Tell me about Molly Remswald.

Julius: She was an angel. Golden blond hair, big brown eyes. Fair skin. She was the epitome of beautiful. She loved me so much.

Page 3:

Doc: So why did you kill her?

Julius: Julius goes back into a state of anxiety. I didn’t kill her. It wasn’t me. I didn’t set her free. It wasn’t me doctor. It wasn’t me.

Doc: Okay. Okay. I believe you Julius. I want you to calm down and tell me about the others.

Julius: He smiles. You see I have talents. I’m able to hear the thoughts of women who want to be set free. They ask for me and then they get sent.

Doc: Sent by who?

Julius: Quite possibly the voices doctor, or coincidence- although I’ve never believed in those, or just by mere faith in the gods. Who knows? I surely don’t. I just know that they are here for me to send into an eternal land to wait for me.

Doc: The gods sent these women to you?

Julius: Sacrifices are made for my benefit.

Page 4:

Doc: What do you mean?

Julius: Well doctor, before my sister died she told me that there will be a thousand men waiting for her. It was a joke but I can tell she believed it. She was happy with the thought. I wanted that happiness. After her funeral I thought about it. I can have that too but only I was smart doctor. Oh I was smart. I understood that I can choose the women I want.

Doc: Julius you can’t possibly think that the women you kill will wait for you in an eternal land.

Page 5:

Julius starts to pace.

Julius: Do you believe in God?

Doc: What if I’m an atheist?

Julius: Do you believe more than your eyes can see?

Doc: These women have families.

Julius: Relax doctor, I choose wisely. Julius sits down. They don’t. I only choose the broken that call out for me when they are ready to omit from their ways. Their voices linger in my mind and get louder when they need me. That’s how I know when it’s time. It’s a beautiful ceremony, they leave so gracefully.

Doc: Gracefully? You paralyze them and brutally murder them. That seems far from grace Julius. I’ve spoken to Frankie and -Julius stops and stares at the doctor. Fear engulfs his face.

Page 6:

Nevil: That’s it doc, you’ve had enough. The doctor is confused but quickly determine Julius has left.

Doc: Nevil? Bring Julius back to me.

To be continued…

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"Julius: She was an angel. Golden blond hair, big brown eyes. Fair skin. She was the epitome of beautiful. She loved me so much.

Doc: So why did you kill her?”

Doc & Pre: The Gridlock Theory


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